Student Collects Products for Homeless Women


   Freshman Alison Cheney is teaming up with PATH (People Attempting to Help) in collecting feminine products for homeless women in the East Texas area. Students can donate individually wrapped feminine hygiene products starting February 12 through February 21. Collections will take place in room 220 (Mrs. Kelly’s Room).

   “I’m hosting the fundraiser here at Lindale High School,” Cheney said. “I’m supporting an organization called ‘I Support The Girls’ by collecting new or used bras in good condition and individually sealed tampons and pads.”

   After contacting the organization a few months ago, Cheney was informed that the most demanding necessity in homeless shelters are the feminine hygiene products. By participating in this fundraiser, students are changing the lives of homeless women in our community.

   “I think the fact that someone as young as Alison taking on a cause to help young ladies (as well as older women) with necessities such as bras and feminine hygiene products is quite admirable,” Principal Valerie Payne said.  “When speaking with Alison, her passion for helping homeless women is palpable; she really is concerned for the women in our area who do not have access to something as important as feminine hygiene products or bras.”

   For many women living under the poverty line, tampons and pads are seen as a luxury. With the help of these donations, many women will be exposed to necessities that they otherwise could not.

   “I really encourage young women to go through their bra drawer,” Cheney said. “What you see as old or unfitting may be the saving grace for a homeless woman.”