The Truth About Valentine’s Day


Adrienne Parks

Students hold hands as a friendly gesture. Results from a Valentine’s Day-related quiz revealed opinions about the holiday from the student body.

From the endearingly decorated shoe boxes filled with heart-shaped candy and cards to the hundreds of flowers and chocolates given to loved ones every year, Valentine’s Day is a classic holiday of gift-giving celebrated around the world. The question that is seldom asked, however, is whether or not people actually enjoy the traditions the general public associates with the holiday.

According to student responses to a Valentine’s Day quiz addressing various opinions about the holiday, the stereotypes regarding people’s feelings towards receiving flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals seem to hold true. With respondents being 24.2 percent male and 75.8 percent female, the results of such questions are as follows: 

“It is more of what you do, not what you get,” anonymous quiz respondent said. “I would much rather have a romantic gesture like a scavenger hunt than a huge teddy bear. To know that you put a lot of thought into something is the greatest gift of all!”

It is evident that these classic Valentine’s Day gifts are as beloved as the public and media have always portrayed, but the free response portion of the quiz reveals that opinions regarding the romantic aspects of the holiday are actually somewhat split. Some responses show that people care less for superficial gifts like huge bouquets and giant stuffed animals and more for personal, well-thought-out gifts specifically tailored to the recipient.

“I want them to know it’s okay not to get me anything as long as they spend time with me on that day,” one student said. “I don’t really care about the gifts. If they do get something, I just want it to be something they really thought about, not something they get last minute. I’d much rather have them express their feelings through actions than materialistic gifts.”

However, some respondents revealed that the gifts they deem personal and special are in fact the traditional flowers and candy, thus demonstrating the differing opinions regarding the gift-giving aspect of the holiday. Answers regarding what people have always wanted from their valentines also ranged widely. Some quiz-takers preferred dramatic gestures, and others desired a simple night out or even no gift at all.

“I’m simple, so don’t put in so much effort,” one student said. “I can receive gifts any day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day.”

The ultimate message portrayed by the answers to the quiz signify that Valentine’s Day is a holiday prized by romantics, and if one really wants to impress his or her significant other, one must know and understand his or her preferences regarding Valentine’s Day. No two love-birds are the same!