Whisking Up A New Business

Junior Becomes Baking Entrepreneur


Photo courtesy of M.S.

Junior Mattie Stricklin works on a cake for her new business.

Video by Courtney Sanguinetti, District Communications Director

Junior Mattie Stricklin recently established her own baking business. The prospering entrepreneur has sold sweet treats to fellow students, catered weddings and baked many birthday cakes.

“I really started baking last summer and I realized I was good at it,” Stricklin said. “It’s something I really love to do so I decided to start making some money off of it.”

Along with the excitement of baking, Stricklin has come across the money managing side of a business. On account of the expenses of the ingredients, prices of the product consequently increase.

“You would not know how expensive butter is until you need like six packs of it,” Stricklin said. “So you have to raise the prices of your product to make sure there’s a profit. I think that’s been the toughest part.”

Stricklin prefers any pastry requiring a lot of detail or personalization, allowing her artistry to blend with her baking skills. The young businesswoman is considering the career paths of Culinary Arts or Pastry Arts.

“Mattie has always desired to live as God would lead her and to be a reflection of His love and goodness,” Stricklin’s mother, Elizabeth Stricklin, said. “This business has given her the opportunity to serve and operate with that integrity.”

Upon the exposure of her business, Stricklin has noticed how much her young age affects the judgment of customers. The budding baker is encouraging of her peers to let passion overbear the initial underestimation of others.

“Go for it,” Stricklin said. “I was really nervous that people would think that since I’m seventeen my product wouldn’t be good, but I’ve had positive feedback and multiple Valentine’s Day orders so far. So if you’re passionate about something, go for it.”