Veterans Honored at Assembly in PAC


Kaitlyn Barrington

Choir instructor Casey Halbgewachs speaks at the Veteran Day assembly. EJ Moss students performed “God Bless America” along with other patriotic songs to honor veterans.

The district held a Veterans day assembly on November 10 in the Performing Arts Center. Community members and the EJ Moss student body attended the event to honor the people who have served our country.

“As a school, community and as a nation, we take time on Veterans Day to recognize and honor the sacrifice of millions of men and women who have served our country,” EJ Moss assistant principal Candace Widemon said. “The program is a special one for EJ Moss.  It is the only time we get to all be together as a campus in the school year.”

Over 100 people participated in the program including the fourth, fifth and sixth grade choir. EJ Moss Principal Kyle Wright and Widemon also spoke during the assembly.

“It is impactful for our students to see and honor the veterans in our community,” Widemon said. “It gives them the opportunity to recognize that these are real people who protect and honor our precious freedom each and every day: dads, moms, brothers, sisters, neighbors, sons, daughters, friends, cousins [and] grandparents [are] people who mean a great deal to us.”

It teaches our students why it is important to [honor veterans] which also develops a stronger love for our amazing country.”

— Kim Turner

‘The [6th grade] honor choir sang “My America”. The sixth grade choir performed the “Armed Force Salute” and “God Bless America”.

The students meet once a week for 45 minutes for the last 8 weeks [to rehearse],” EJ Moss specialist Kim Turner said. “It teaches our students why it is important to [honor veterans]  which also develops a stronger love for our amazing country.”

House representative Cole Hefner attended as a guest speaker. He read prepared statements from himself and from the office of George W. Bush.

“The Veterans Day Assembly has three main purposes: honor Veterans past, honor Veterans present and recognize and hold our freedoms as sacred and valued,” choir instructor Casey Halbgewachs said. “The speaking portion will focus on the following principles: honor, character, remembering and striving.”