5 Tips to Enjoying High School


Bailey Spencer

Sophomore Colleen Starkey studies for her honors math class. By using a planner, she effectively divides all of her time between the many activities that she is involved in.

It seems like just yesterday that students were trading juice boxes or perfecting a double dutch routine. Now, they are roaming the halls of a massive two-story building, the high school. For many students, the transition from junior high to high school can be tough. However, if one has the right attitude and priorities, high school can be one of the most extraordinary chapters in their life.

Get Involved

Not only does involvement look good on resumes and college applications, but it is also a great opportunity to develop meaningful relationships. These friendships could make or break a high school career. Who and what a person surrounds themselves with will affect their actions.  Students should always ask themselves whether their peers are people they personally are striving to be. It is imperative to understand that when in vulnerable states, these people will be extremely influential.

Make Friends with an Upper Classman

Being friends with a upperclassman reaps many harvests. A upperclassman has a privileged gift, the knowledge of experience. They will be able to offer advice ranging from teacher expectations to social challenges. More importantly, upperclassmen will also encourage school involvement and serves as a constant reminder to embrace life rather than go through the motions.

Manage Your Time

Procrastination is perhaps a high school student’s worst enemy. Sometimes, students get so caught up in the experience of high school that they lose sight of their ultimate dreams. Keeping a planner lets one visualize what to focus on each day in order to reach aspirations. Planning out any and every upcoming assignment, major grade, due date, event, hang out and alone time will guarantee more free time and less stress. Using a calendar for the effective organization could even improve school performance.

Challenge Yourself

Rather than taking easy classes, select a course that may be new and slightly risky. Take a risk. Knowing the depth of one’s comfort zone only occurs through an extension of thinking. In stretching your abilities, you are broadening your capabilities.

Choose Your Attitude

Last, but certainly not least, remember individuals alone have the power to choose their attitude. Relying on others can be unpredictable and ultimately ineffective. Viewing the world as if it is always damaging creates negative experiences.  Always choose to see the positive in people.