Follow the yellow brick road

Theater students perform “Wizard of Oz” musical


Theatre students kicked off the year by auditioning for the “Wizard of Oz” Sept. 3, and now practices for the fall musical are underway. Opening night is scheduled for Dec. 5.

“It’s wonderful, and I’m incredibly excited,” sophomore Aaron Cortinas, who plays Professor Marvel in Oz said. “The highlight of my day is going to practice after school because it’s so fun and I’m surrounded by friends.”

Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were all cast in the play. For some, like lead actresses Lacy Bond and Jessie Elliott, this will be their last high school musical.

“This will be the last time my best friend [Jessie] and I will sing together onstage. . . There’s something special about being in a musical in high school with people you know and hang out with. I know I’ll miss it,” Lacy said.

Although this will be Lacy and Jessie’s last musical, many new freshmen were cast roles in the play. For them, this is just the beginning.

“I’m looking forward to acting alongside seniors like Lacy and Jessie, but also working with new faces as well,” sophomore Mary Gray said. “I think there’s lots of incredible talent in the cast and crew this year.”

A non-human member will also be joining the cast this year. Ms. Brody’s dog will likely be playing Toto.

“I think the underclassmen will gain a lot of experience this year while working with experienced actors as well as an actual dog,” Aaron Cortinas said. “I have no doubt this play will be challenging, but it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.”



Dorothy Gale: Jessie Elliott

Aunt Em/ Glinda: Lacy Bond

Uncle Henry: Adam Howell

Hunk/Scarecrow: Cameron Davis

Zeke/Lion: Justin Jones

Hickory/Tinman: Katie Moore

Ms. Gultch/Witch: Maggie Pierce

Professor Marvel: Aaron Cortinas

Wizard of Oz: Griffon James

Doorman: Nelson Bond

Guard: Connor Adams

Nikko: Moody Gordy

Trees: Eva Russel, Ashley Ward, Maddie Burton

Crows: Alissa Dearman, Brooke K., Mary Gray

Mayor of Munchkins: Makayla Mahloch

Barrister: Matt Brooks

Coroner: Courtney Clark

Munchkin #1: Emma Johnsen

Munchkin #2: Ashlynn Skaggs

City Father #1: Nate Steele

City Father #2: Eva Russel

Three tots: Claire Alexander, Layney Pittman, Tapanga Oliver

Three tough kids: Tanner Spivey, Connor Adams, Cody Farmer


Muchkinland Chorus:

Kessa King

Ashley Ward

Moody Gordy

Cayla Littrell

Addison Stone

Brittany Brown

Shelby Cooper

Kaci Moore

Eastin Brody

Journey Fleming


Ozian Chorus:

Mary Gray

Brook Kreitinger

Alissa Dearman

Cailin Elliott

Maddie Burton

Eva Russel

Mary Stewart Johnson

Matt Brooks

Tanner Spivey

Misty McClenny

Kessa King

Ashley Ward



Nate Steele

Connor Adams

Aaron Cortinas

Cody Farmer


Flying Monkeys:

Moody Gordy

Alissa Dearman

Ashlynn Skaggs

Jordis Fleming

Journey Fleming


Dorothy Understudy: Brooke Kreitinger

Aunt Em/ Glinda Understudy: Makayla Mahloch

Uncle Henry Understudy: Aaron Cortinas

Scarecrow Understudy: Ashley Ward

Lion Understudy: Lacy Bond

Tinman Understudy: Tanner Spivey

Witch Understudy: Mary Gray

Professor Marvel Understudy: Nelson Bond

Wizard of Oz Understudy: Matt Brooks

Doorman Understudy: Moody Gordy

Guard Understudy: Nate Steele

Nikko Understudy: Alissa Deerman

Tree Understudy: Mary Stewart Johnson

Crow Understudy: Shelby Cooper

Munchkin Mayor Understudy: Nelson Bond