Red Baron Gives Scholarships to CTE Students

The Red Baron Building Company, owned by Jerry Alexander, gave $7500 to the FFA and Architecture programs at LHS this week.

“We are so impressed with the teachers, the administration, and the kids here in Lindale that we want to do all we can to support the community and kids,” Alexander said.

The donation to the FFA program will be used as seed money in order to buy livestock and other items that can be sold for a profit.  This will allow the FFA to bring in even more money, and the fund will function as an endowment for the future.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for us to make something really amazing out of it,” sophomore Carlee Pascual said.

The donation to the architecture program will go to offset costs of future building projects.  Recently,  students were challenged to build a tiny home that is small enough to travel on the interstate yet meet the needs of a family.

“I think they are awesome,” architecture teacher Tonya Wheat said.  “We appreciate them so much.  Red Baron is so good,  and they have helped our school in many ways.”

In the past, Red Baron Building Company has donated money and scholarships to a variety of local programs and has mentored students with home building projects.

“I am so grateful to Red Baron for all they do for Lindale students,” Brent Berryman, LHS Career and Technology director, said.  “By partnering with local community members, our students are provided with both funds for projects and valuable contacts for their future.”