Featured Faces: Coleman Allen


Kaylee Rodriquez

Coleman Allen plays a trading card game.

This month’s “Featured Face” is junior Coleman Allen

What’s on my TV: Dexter
What I drive: 2000 Toyota Tundra
Favorite movies: Pixar movies
Favorite music: Basically every type
Favorite website or social media: Instagram
Superstitions: I believe if I chew gum while I study and chew the same flavor when I take a test it will help me remember what I studied.
Worst habit: Doubting myself
I would love to trade places for a day with: George Washington
First job: 413 Strength Gear
Favorite meal: Biscuits and gravy
Favorite drink: Water
Talent I would most like to have: To play the piano
Favorite celebrity: Bryan Cranston
Favorite city to visit: Washington D.C.
Greatest loves: My bed, Taco Bell
My hero: My parents
Hobbies: Trading card games, video games, watching movies.
Interests: The medical field, learning about the human body
My bucket list: Travel the world