Student Spotlight: A day in the life of a student athlete


Walker trying to get the rebound.

Jogging off the court to the locker room, the senior basketball player sighs.  The day should be over, but there is still so much to do–homework, chores, and finally–sleep.  With the demands of homework, practices, and family responsibilities, life can be hectic and the scheduling grueling for student athletes.  

Senior Amber Walker  has played sports since the age of four.  Her busy schedule has become her accustomed day-to-day lifestyle, and with three sports–basketball, volleyball, and track, time is at a premium.  

“Practice and sports take up a lot of my time,” Walker said, “but I try to make time for my friends and for homework, but it is really hard to manage it all together.  I get up and go to school all day, then I have practice and after practice I usually go home, eat and shower, and go to bed because I am usually really tired.”

Amber is looked up to in all three sports that she plays. She has been to state in track three years in a row, and is hoping to make it again this year.  She has also been on varsity basketball and volleyball all four years of her high school career.   

“I have played basketball my whole life, since little dribblers and for school,” Walker said.  “I only play volleyball during the school season, and I practice track all school year, instead of just in the season. I do it almost all year.”

Amber has always been a part of a team.  During  volleyball season, school started to become difficult, but because she wanted to continue to participate, she diligently took care of her business and has not had any problems since.

 “She’s not one of the academic all district type student, but she does handle both,” Amber’s mom, Bridgett Walker, said.  “It is hard for her but she does it. I have come home from work late and seen her with all her notes laid out on the floor in the living room. She really tries.”

Not only has Amber given up hanging out with her friends, she has given up summer vacations, weekends and quality time with her family. This sacrifice was given by Amber, her mother and her siblings, specifically for her.

“Starting sixth grade, we gave up life,” Bridgett said.  “Amber gave up life, I gave up life, her siblings gave up life for her.  It really took a toll on us but it was because it was what she wanted to do, and I wanted to make her happy.”