Student Spotlight: Evans excels at UIL and computer science


Skylore Evans enjoys working with computers, something he did not always have when growing up in Belgium.

Jacob Butz

Behind the scenes or in front of the screens, Skylore Evans works hard on things that others take for granted. Whether it be designing new video games, or designing a website for a teacher, Evans is always doing things to make our school better.

Evans is currently a member of the UIL Computer Applications, Social Studies, and  Computer Science teams, as well as a student technician for the school and founder of the game design club.

“Skylore is very organized,” UIL sponsor Mrs. English said. “His organization keeps me organized and going as well.”

Skylore also started a Video Game Development Club last year to allow students who had skills in designing games be able to show them. This club allows them to show off their skills in an area in which there are no other clubs for.

“I’ve always enjoyed making games,”  Evans said. “And this club allows other people like me who share the same passion to come together and show our talents at the high school.”

Interestingly, Skylore grew up in Belgium and they didn’t always have a computer, but when they did, Skylore was always asking to be on it and his parents allowed him to play educational games when he could.

“It sort of just happened,” Evans said. “It started when I was young but my love for computers just grew and grew from my childhood.”

After high school, Skylore plans to work in computer science, which would be computer coding or software development. Skylore is also a student technician. 

“A lot of my work as a student tech is mostly doing investigations on apps that teachers suggested and passing my information off to administrators,” Evans said. “I also occasionally work on teachers’ computers to either design web pages or work on any problems that teachers might be having.”