Showcasing Act VI

Students perform in Education Foundation fundraiser


Adrienne Parks

Ella Cox dancing to “Don’t Call Me Incomplete.”

On Saturday, Lindale ISD presented the sixth annual student showcase known as Act VI. Students with various talents such as singing, dancing, acting and instrumentation performed for the Lindale community in the Performing Arts Center.

“Act Vl is the Education Foundation’s largest fundraiser all year,” Act VI director Neda Morrow said. “This is a wonderful organization that puts all the money raised right back into the classroom for students.”

Auditions for Act Vl took place in October. Sixteen to twenty acts were chosen to perform for the Lindale community. The acts vary from singing, dancing, acting, storytelling and many more.

“I believe Act VI gives students the ability to get on stage and express themselves in ways they probably would not get to otherwise,” mistress of ceremonies Elizabeth Tagg said. “It shows students showmanship and also lets them create something for other people to enjoy.”

Many hours of preparation took place for this large production. Performers had weekly rehearsals after school as well as at-home practices. Theater technicians put in many hours running the lights,  sound and stage work needed for the showcase.

“I think Act VI is a great opportunity for Lindale students’ talents to be heard,” Act VI participant Maddie Mezzell said. “It gives them exposure and can help many overcome stage fright early on if performing is one of their passions.”  

The objective behind Act VI is to encourage students to showcase their talents to the community as well as raise money for their school. This is an opportunity for friends and neighbors to come together and see the talent Lindale has to offer while supporting a worthy cause.

“I am so proud of everyone involved,” Act VI Director Neda Morrow said.  “This is an enormous production with a lot of moving parts.  From the talent to the stage techs, the students gave their time and energies to making this an excellent production.”