Meet the presidential candidates

Evan Bewersdorf, Business Manager

Candidates and their platforms are listed in alphabetical order.
Photo Credits (Clinton-Jim Young, Reuters; Trump-Getty Images; Johnson-KEVIN KOLCZYNSKI / REUTERS; Stein-WashingtonsBlog)

hillary-clintonHIllary Clinton


  • Abortion – Pro-Choice
    • for funding of Planned Parenthood
    • supports Medicaid funding for abortion.
  • Economy
    • increase taxes on wealthy with “fair share surcharge”
    • tax cuts for small businesses
  • Social Issues
    • for increased rights for LGBT community
    • more government funding to allow for debt-free college education
  • Energy & Environment
    • Invest in green energy
    • Opposes Keystone XL oil pipeline (pipeline from Canada to Nebraska)
    • Climate change/global warming is caused by humans
24942735803_e7f6d7241e_b-336x224Gary Johnson


  • Abortion – Pro-Choice
    • for Planned Parenthood 
    • No funding for abortion; other restrictions ok
  • Economy
    • replace income/payroll taxes with a single consumption tax based on your spending
    • Cut federal budget and veto deficit spending
  • Social Issues
    • personal liberties surpasses all
    • No affirmative actions in college admissions nor state jobs
  • Energy & Environment
    • Humans contribute to climate change, but no government can change that
    • Alternative energy good (hydro, wind, nuclear); ethanol subsidies bad
    • Federal tax incentives for energy

Jill Stein

Green Party

  • Abortion – Pro-Choice
    • free birth control
    • easier access to “morning after” pill
  • Economy
    • Increase taxes on wealthy.
    • Set a $15/hour federal minimum wage and break up big banks.
  • Social Issues
    • for increased rights for LGBT community
    • Guarantee tuition-free education pre-k through university
    • cut military spending by 50% and close 700 military bases
  • Energy & Environment
    • transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, and invest in public transit, sustainable agriculture, and conservation.
    • National ban on fracking and offshore drilling


maxresdefault-13Donald Trump


  • Abortion – Pro-Life
    • Defund Planned Parenthood and eliminate federal funding for abortions
    • Opposed to abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or life of mother
  • Economy
    • Reform tax code and trade policies to bring back jobs from foreign countries
    • reduce taxes and eliminate federal debt
  • Social Issues
    • end common core in education
    • LGBT issues such as marriage to be decided by the states
    • rebuild military and reform intelligence agencies and build wall to end illegal immigration
  • Energy & Environment
    • supports improving water infrastructure
    • opposes certain EPA mandates that effect jobs
    • proponent of nuclear energy