V-ball team raises funds

The volleyball teams hosted a school-wide tournament on Saturday to raise money for the program. Volleyball players recruited students to make teams that played against each other.

“The volleyball fundraiser is a tournament with a bunch of students involved in it,” head volleyball coach Jessica Camp said. “The money went to our volleyball booster club.”

The money will pay for the team’s tournament in Allen. It will also allow the booster club to provide snacks and other supplies for the girls that the budget does not provide for.

“I think it raised a lot of money for us,” junior Rajel Flores said. “It will probably give us more opportunities to do more things like play more games or tournaments.”

The tournament in Allen gives the team a chance to play teams they might see in playoffs. Lindale often sees teams from the Dallas area in the second round of playoffs.

“We do a good job here in East Texas,” Camp said. “[In this tournament] we get to see bigger schools and better teams and get to compete against them.”

Flores’s team won the high school tournament.

“We all wanted it,” Flores said. “We had a lot of good players and we played some really good teams. It was nice to win even though there was no prize.”