Lady Eagle soccer makes a playoff run

The Lady Eagles Soccer team advanced to the second round of playoffs against Mansfield Legacy. The team placed 3rd in district with a 4-3-5 record.

“Making it to the playoffs to me means the Lady Eagles Soccer program is moving in the right direction,” head coach Kristin Parson said. “For the team it means that all the hard work the girls have put in this year has paid off.”

The athletes were all asked to share personal goals as well as goals for the team as a whole before the season started, and a majority of the players dreamed of the same thing: playoffs and a more united team.

“Playoffs is a big deal for all of us,” junior Leslie Flores said. “This is what we have been working for since before the season even started. We are happy to have made it this far because it shows how hard we have worked.”

Both the players and coaches had to go through many obstacles to reach this goal, and through this they grew closer on and off the field.

“It seems like each week we face new, daunting and unforeseeable obstacles,” Parson said.  “Whether it be injuries, drama on and off the soccer field, weather, you name it, it’s probably happened to us this year.”

As the year advanced so did the bonds between coaches and players, both adapting to the others needs.

“I love coaching the girls,” assistant coach David French said. “It’s forced me to change and adapt as a coach. . . I think with girls it’s different, you have to build the relationship first, then push and challenge them to work hard.”

The team has made many unforgettable memories with each other to go along with an unforgettable season.

“It feels amazing,” sophomore Lauren Sumner said. “We worked extremely hard to get to where we are now, and I am very proud of the girls and what we have achieved this year. I am very eager to see what happens in the future.”