Football player attends Nike combine

Kale Ridge went to an invite-only Nike combine March 12 to showoff his skills at the AT&T stadium. A combine is an opportunity for colleges to see kids compete in athletic events like strength test, 40’s, and other activities that they might do as a player.

“Kale was invited to a Nike combine, which was invite only,” Coach Meador said. “He was able to show off his skills in his field and overall as an athlete.”

Forties, verticals, and shuttle drills are a few of the many activities the athletes completed. Spectators do not know what competitors are capable of, so these activities are very revealing.

“The combine has not effected him yet, but he was seen and showed many colleges his abilities,” Coach Meador said. “This will increase his options.”

Many students participate in combines every year to show off their ability to college coaches. Invite-only combines are more competitive and likely to be viewed by scouts.

“The combine was fun;  it was interesting competing with athletes outside of my area,” Kale Ridge said. “The Dallas area gets viewed a lot more than Lindale and this experience helps me be seen.”