Choir members make it to state

In May choir qualifiers will travel to Austin to participate in the solo and ensemble competition with the help of their director Angela Carrington.

“We have really great kids with a whole lot of talent and potential,” Angela Carrington said. “They have had a few directors, but we have still always had really great singers that help build the program.”

Lindale choir has had four directors in the past three years. Despite this the students are still going to participate at state.

“Our teacher, being as great as she is, really helps us reach our full potential,” senior Katie Moore said. “She pulls us into what we are singing.”

In preparation for state students are required to learn and perform from memory numerous songs. Students must put in extra time and effort to excel at the state level.

“The student are doing very well and are always putting out their best effort,” Angela Carrington said. “I think they will go very far.”

Advancing to State are:

Holt  Jadyn (11)
Moore  Katie (11)
Richardson  Rebecca (10)
Brooks  Matthew (11)
McClain  Patrick (10)
Smith  David (12)