Senior dancers perform in New York

Two senior drill team officers traveled to New York where they practiced and performed in professional studios.  Claire Alexander and Tristen Moore were able to take the trip after receiving All-American Dancer awards at camp this summer.

They earned the honor,” drill team sponsor Keri Pierce said. “They didn’t pick every single girl that tried out for All-American.”

In order to become an All-American, Claire and Tristen were required to learn a dance routine at officer camp and perform it under competitive circumstances. The girls were chosen as one of the top competitors and were given the opportunity to participate in the trip to New York City.

“It’s really overwhelming, but it was really fun,” Claire said. “We got to go to two broadway shows and we met a Rockette and we toured the 9/11 museum.”

In New York, they visited the Rockefeller Center and other famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. They were also given lessons from a Rockette, and practiced and performed in well-known dance studios.

“The first day we did a novelty which is like broadway style and it took place at the Broadway Dance Studio in New York,” Tristen said. “We also got to dance at Alvin Ailey’s, a famous dance studio from a dancer who died in the 80s.”

As drill team officers, the girls were selected because they showed the leadership skills, technique and showmanship that an All-American dancer needs. 

“You can always feel their personality in the way they dance,” drill team captain Ashleigh Smith said. “They really love it, so it’s good that it shines through when they dance.”