Training and weight rooms prompt discussion

    Recent growth in the district has prompted discussions about improving the men’s and women’s training and weight room facilities.

     “The training room, as it currently is,  is running about 430 to 440 athletes and is actually a little bit small for what we need to do,” head athletic train John Phillips said. With only two treatment tables and not enough room really to do rehabs, we’re utilizing hallways and obviously utilizing the weight room and the green room.”

     The limited space may also be restricting the school’s ability to effectively participate in the athletic program.

     “The tables are pretty bad, and it’s not really big enough,” senior football player Bryce Barkowsky said. “We need all new equipment in the weight room.”

     Other high schools near Lindale, such as Longview High School, have upgraded their athletic training area, and improved the equipment.  Faculty and administrators have been discussing if this is something LHS needs to address.

     “Currently we’re having to use all athletic periods during our 8 period day in order to get the maximum use out of that area,” Principal Casey Neal said.  “So, we would like to update it so it could be more efficient and get more kids in and out. Our philosophy here at Lindale is that kids can participate in anything they want to, and we’re growing so much to where our facilities are kind of tying our schedule.”