Reeling for success

Students join new fishing club

A new club has been organized at LHS, and members have one job–bass fishing. Club sponsor Bryan Mendez and the four current competitors attended their first outing as a team this weekend at Lake Palestine.

“High school teams are competing and they’re with very large fishing affiliate organizations,” Mendez said.  “These organizations are creating tournaments, scholarships and opportunities for kids to showcase their talent.”

Participants and instructors share their excitement about the new addition. Not only does this provide practice and entertainment, it opens up scholarship opportunities and possible future professions.

“I think that it’s a great thing that the school has fishing now,” team member Luke Hamby said. “Now kids that enjoy the outdoors can start fishing with the club, and I’m looking forward to spending time with other anglers.”

Participation on the competitive team is limited to those with the proper resources and dedication. The team’s counterpart,  however, the bass fishing club, will allow students of all skill levels to participate in other related activities. The club will spread awareness and provide a basic understanding of the sport and the skills it requires.

“We’re bringing awareness to the sport,” Mendez said. “These kids are getting some super experiences.”

Mendez hopes for a larger team in the future to represent the school. Students and athletes look forward to this new season and the potential success this new involvement holds.

“I’m glad the school has finally made the decision to add a fishing club,” team member Talton Price said. “It allows us to do what we love outside of school.”