First day of teacher training starts with a ‘Ba-Dum’ [video]

Drum Cafe headlines the event

LISD teachers came back to school today for the start of the 2015-2016 school year.  Team-building specialists Drum Cafe were the special guests.

“Today’s presentation was an excellent example of engaging an audience in a manner that was effective for learning,” Principal Casey Neal said.  “It allowed our teachers to have a fun and relevant start to the new year.”

The day started with a welcome breakfast followed by a brief statement from school board president, Matt Watts.

“We have an incredible opportunity every day to make a difference in kids’ lives,” Watts said.  “We also have an incredible responsibility.  That responsibility is to reach these kids, to foster these kids, to engage these kids,  to embrace these kids, to lift them up.”

Superintendent Surratt discussed the excellent financial standing of the district, future improvements to campuses, STAAR scores, and the new lower tax rate.  Teachers who were employed last year on October 1 also received a $200 retention bonus from the board.  Members of the LISD Education Foundation also personally donated gift cards to staff members whose names were drawn.

“We are blessed to have a great foundation who have helped us in so many ways,”  Surratt said.

After a short break, the motivational group Drum Cafe took the stage.  After passing out drums to most of the district staff, the drummers led the staff through a series of drum “phrases” while weaving in a message about engaging students.  The keynote speaker  also told about her own educational journey and how it was the influence of one teacher who inspired her to move forward and get her degree.

“I thought it was energetic,” CTE director Brent Berryman said.  ” I thought the content was very relevant to what we need to be teaching today, for engaging kids, and for keeping them excited about learning.”