Just toss it in the recycle bin

Glancing back and forth between the trashcan and recycling bin, she thinks, ‘I should use the recycling bin.’

In 2015 being environmentally friendly is more of a concern than ever. Climate change and the cost of energy are ever growing issues. From the United Nations to local school districts, people are trying to make a difference.

“I would say LISD should try to be more environmentally friendly, because the money we would save could be put towards the different organizations we have in the district,” junior Monica Mojarro said. “Being eco friendly matters because we need to protect the earth for future Lindaleans.”

It’s estimated that a homeowner can save around $500 on their water bill by conserving their water usage. This amount of money would scale up greatly with how much money a large high school could save if it strove to not waste as much water.

“Water, while I think we all know there is a lot of it on our planet, needs to be conserved,” junior Matthew Smith said. “All of the water that goes down the drain mixes with waste water, which is expensive to purify in itself. Plus, I think the school could save a lot on water and electric bills if it shut the tap off on both occasionally.”

On top of conserving water and electricity, a lot could be done to recycle. Students use a lot of water bottles every day, and recycling bins would be a great contribution to our Earth’s health.

“Believe it or not, baby steps count for a lot when many people do them,” Monica said. “If all of the schools in LISD made steps to being more eco-friendly, it would make a great difference. I hope we can begin to strive towards some ambitious goals in the next year.”