Living the twin life

Two students walk down the hall, wondering what other people are thinking. They might not look exactly alike, but others notice the resemblance. After gaining lots of stares, one boy raises the question, ”are you guys twins?”  They just look at him and grin.


LHS has 15 sets of twins this year, spanning all grade levels.

“Being a twin is not any different than having any other sibling,” freshman Molly Dees said. “Sometimes though, we have that twin telepathy thing, and that’s weird.”


There are more fraternal twins than identical twins. According to sophomore Lauren Griffith, people are shocked to find out that she and her twin brother, Spence, are even related.


“He’s tall and blonde, and I’m short and brunette,” L. Griffith said. “One person actually asked if we were dating, and it was kind of awkward.”


While fraternal twins don’t generally look alike, identical twins are just that- identical. According to sophomores Ashley and Leslie Flores, being an identical twin has it’s challenges.


“We get mixed up a lot, but we respond to the same name sometimes,” A. Flores said. “If someone calls my name, we both end up turning around.”


Like Ashley and Leslie Flores, other twins get their names mixed up. No matter how little they resemble, lots of twins have said people get them confused.


“You would be surprised how often people mix our names up,” sophomore Jadyn Holt said. “Sometimes they call us Jannah and Hadyn instead of Hannah and Jadyn.”


Twins do argue like any other siblings. At the end of the day, though, they are never alone.


“It’s kind of cool being a twin,” L. Griffith said. “I don’t really think about it day to day, but when I do I think its pretty special.”