SOAR Project Launches in One Week


Christian Wynne, Assistant Editor

The Chick-fil-A academy program will launch the SOAR volunteer project April 7 to help give back to the community. The program will have different school clubs and organizations help clean up Pool Park, elderly senior homes, and homes in Hideaway.

“Last year we made a big impact and made many people feel loved,” senior Sydney Toom said. “This year we expect it to be even bigger and show how much we love other people by the time we take to meet their needs.” ”

Those interested in signing up can fill out the form at  HTTPS://FORMS.GLE/EOED3EQHMMGVK6529.

“I’m really excited about project soar and I hope that over the years it will continue to grow through the community,” senior Taegan Michel said. “I hope that it will travel and grow to a point that all of the schools in the Lindale district will get involved and that it will help kids know what it means to be a Lindale Eagle.”