Training for the top

Lindale hosts UIL journalism workshop


Photo by Emma Johnsen

Lindale High School hosted a UIL Journalism workshop on Wednesday for high schools in the area. The event was sponsored by Balfour, and was an opportunity for students to learn journalism and writing skills from judges and teachers with experience in the field.

“The workshop was designed to allow the competitors in our region to come to one location and get instruction from quality teachers,” journalism teacher Neda Morrow said. “We had two different categories of courses–One for beginners who had maybe never competed in a UIL event, and one for more advanced students who wanted to take themselves to the next level.”

The workshop was held in the LHS library and lecture hall during the school day. Courses on different types of UIL writing, such as editorial, headline, news and feature, were among the things taught to the students.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the competition,” freshman Sidney Smith said. “The instructors did a great job informing the beginners like me about UIL journalism. It was a worthwhile experience.”

Lindale students who participated were Emily Fry, Kamryn Stacks, Michaela Blanchard, Tyra Rodden, Sidney Smith and Kennedy Law Jones.

  “It was great to get a refresh on how the competition works,” junior Kamryn Stacks said. “Getting to interact with students from other schools was a great experience, too. You can learn a lot from them.”