Model UN Students Compete At Annual Competition


Lisa Vader

Module UN students smile after a successful competition.

Paula Arantes, Managing Editor of Features

Students competed at Model United Nations on Tuesday and Wednesday at SFA. The best overall delegation was Uganda in first place and Israel in second place.

“Our group has become better each year we’ve been together, now winning overall for the 3rd year in a row,” junior Kaden Strickland said. “Model UN has taught us all more about global issues that we wouldn’t really have known about if we weren’t in it, and so it’s been really cool to see that.”

Members of the Uganda delegation included juniors Lydia Payne, Angelina Jansen, Megan McGee, Kaden Strickland, Jaxon Buttram, and Olivia Gary. The Israel delegation included freshmans Joshua Edwards, Owen Bewersdorf, Odin Burks, and Madison Barnes.The France delegation included sophomores Sarah Christian, Kathryn Peshke, and freshmans Bradly Novak and Zoe Tanner. Kenya delegation included senior Lauren Van Andel and sophomores Jack Kinkade, Anthony Shoukry, Garrett Stegall, Ethan Pope, and Joseph Jin. Junior Julia Montgomery was in the US delegation and freshman Aiden Alexander was in the Russian delegation.

“It took a long time for us to work on our resolutions and all of our speeches,” Bewersdorf said. “We worked together by proof-reading and pointing out errors. Eventually, we were able to finish them, and one of our resolutions got second place overall.”

Students spent time after school writing speeches, designing maps, and making a collage of world issues. In competitions, students meet with other schools to present their country.

“Model UN was great because I was able to learn about the problems in the world around us, and make new friends from different schools,” Christian said. “At the competition, we debate solutions for worldwide issues, and being able to read different solutions of how to solve a certain problem opened my eyes to the world around me.”