Caissons go rolling along

Travelling Army truck stops at LHS

The United States Army brought their PR truck to Lindale High School October 21. They were here to inform students about the Army. They had hands-on activities that showed students what being in the army is like.

“It’s good to bring in outside speakers,” counselor David Ramsey said. “It is good for our students to hear from clubs and organizations outside of our school district. Overall, I believe it was really successful.”

Along with all the different activities, there were also three army recruiters on the bus to guide students and give them tours. While giving the tour they demonstrated how all the tools worked and answered students’ questions about the army.

“At one point there were seventy-five students lined up outside of the bus,” Ramsey said. “We eventually had to limit how many people could go in and how long they could stay. At the end when you were exiting the bus there was a booth where recruiters would answer any questions the students had.”

The army has many different trucks that visit schools. This truck was interactive and allowed the students a personalized experience.

“I really enjoyed the video game that let us shoot at targets,” junior Caitlyn Rudd said. “The uniforms that they had were also really interesting. I never knew how heavy they were until they let us try them on.”