Opinion: Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

Christian Wynne, Assistant Editor

So, we all love some fast food every now and then. Whether we are on the way to school, hanging out with friends, or just too lazy to cook something, fast food is there for you. However, some fast food restaurants stand above the others. This is my top 10 favorite fast food restaurant list for 2023. 

Number 10: Taco Bell

To start the list, I am putting Taco Bell as my number 10 spot. They have okay food and okay customer service. However, their prices are extremely inexpensive. So, that appeals to young adults who may not have that much money. You could easily feed yourself just for $5 at Taco Bell.

Number 9: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is by far the most popular fast food restaurant in the world. Despite them not having the best of anything, they will always be the face of fast food chains. One thing that I will commend McDonalds about is their fries. They have amazing fries. But, other than that, they don’t have anything that I think makes them stand out. 

Number 8: In-N Out

In-N-Out is not very popular in Lindale, as there aren’t any nearby. I really like their fries, but their burgers always seem to be extremely greasy. That combined with the very small menu options, means I can’t place In-N-Out very high on my list.

Number 7: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a common chain within Texas. To be completely honest, I really do not like their food. However, I love their blizzards and soft serve ice cream. They are always coming out with new flavors and they always seem to be good. If I am ever craving ice cream, I always head over to Dairy Queen to grab a quick blizzard.

Number 6: Chick-Fil-A

Now, I understand that Chick-Fil-A, for most people, would be higher on the list. However, I have never been a huge fan of their food. The only thing that I constantly like are their salads. Additionally, if you go to Chick-Fil-A, be prepared to wait in a long line, as it is always busy… Always. One thing that Chick-Fil-A does better than any other fast food restaurant is their hospitality. I always feel appreciated when I go there.

Number 5: Whataburger

Whataburger is probably the first thing that comes to mind when talking about fast food chains in our area. It is very popular due to its famous burgers. They also have great fries, shakes, and desert options. Whataburger is where you go if you want a burger very fast.

Number 4: Chipotle

Ah, Chipotle. I would go to Chipotle every week if there was one located in Lindale. They have great bowls and burritos. The food tastes fresh and is very customizable to your liking. Chipotle can get very expensive very fast though, if you get carried away with the upcharges. It is a great way to get TexMex to go, and I would love them to build one here in Lindale. 

Number 3: Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is a very popular restaurant in Texas. They have great fried chicken, fries, and they have an amazing “Cane’s Sauce” to put on your chicken and fries. Their chicken is not too greasy, like other fast food restaurants, and it has a crispy breading with tender, juicy chicken on the inside. Raising Cane’s does get busy sometimes, but the wait never seems to be unbearable. They have great food and good service, so I would recommend it to anyone!

Number 2: Panda Express

Hmm. Panda Express. I love Panda Express, maybe a little too much. Panda Express is an Asian American fast food chain that has great chicken, chow mein, and fried rice. Despite their short selection of meals they provide, every single thing on their menu is absolutely delicious. Panda is a great place to go to when you want something fast, inexpensive, and filling.

Number 1: Starbucks

While some people don’t consider Starbucks a fast food restaurant, by definition, it technically is. That being said, I had to give Starbucks my first spot. They have such a wide variety of drinks ranging from shaken espresso, coldbrews, frappuccinos, and even refreshers with no coffee in them. They also have great food options as well as a nice little gift shop to look at while your drink is being made. I think that Starbucks definitely deserves my number one spot.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Eagle Eye staff.