Worth The Wait

Faculty Members Sponsor Adoption Fundraiser for Peer


Photo courtesy of Kyle Galloway

The Galloways pose together for the Jingle And Mingle With The Galloways. The event helped support expenses for the adoption.

Keren Lee and Christian Wynne

He steps into the fundraiser with the child that awaits to be adopted in his arms and his kids standing beneath him. He looks up and sees the numerous people that came to support his family. Basketball coach Kyle Galloway can’t help but smile when the room is filled with scattered laughter, hopeful eyes, and the joyous sound of Christmas cheer.

The “Jingle And Mingle With The Galloways” fundraiser was hosted Dec. 10 at the Grace Community Church.  The Galloways are in the process of adopting a new family member, a one year old girl named Francis. Francis is Galloway’s niece and has been living with them since May. The fundraiser helped to raise over $4000.

“We’re super excited about the adoption and we’re praying and hoping that things keep going,” Galloway said. “You’re just kind of in the dark until someone calls and tells you everything is going your way.”

The adoption process has not been easy. They have put in a lot of work and have had helping hands from others to make it possible. 

“It’s been pretty hectic and we’ve had a lot of court cases and lawyers,” Galloway said. “There are just a lot of things to do to make this possible.”

They have just started their home study so they can become adoptive parents. Once that is complete, they will go to court to plead the case in order to adopt Francis. It will take about another six months to finalize the case.

“[The adoption process is] a big circle it seems like; you gotta go through a lot of loops and hoops,” Galloway said.

Many family members, friends, and members of the church have contributed to help the Galloways. The event had pictures with Santa and bake sales with the Grace Community Church to help with the expenses. 

“They have kind of stepped in and help carry the burden that maybe we needed help with some gaps and what not,” Galloway said. 

LHS teacher Keri Pierce helped sponsor the event after her daughter brought the family’s need to her attention.

“My daughter is on the basketball team and she absolutely loves Coach Galloway, and he’s been very special to her and done a lot for her,” Pierce said. “She came to me and said ‘What can we do to help the Galloway’s raise money for these adoption expenses?’”

Pierce owns KDF Dance and Gym, and this year they modified their Christmas show and decided to host it at the fundraiser to allow more people to come. They also had people donate silent auction items. 

“It was my first time to put together a fundraiser like this, so I just tried to plan and figure out we can get people there,” Pierce said. “People really showed up and showed out, so it’s nice to see the whole community come together to give back to somebody who gives to kids all the time at the school.”

The Galloway family is very excited about having Francis becoming a part of the family. 

“We are super excited and nervous as well, [the kids] all consider her as one of their sisters,” Galloway said. “We can’t wait until she shares our last name.”