Student Trains For Future Law Enforcement Career


Photo cursey by Trinity Boaz

Trinity Boaz receives her sergeant ranking. “I do want to be a police officer for as long as I can,” Boaz said “I’ve also always had a dream to be a firefighter or maybe go into the armed forces one day.”

Keren Lee, Staff Writer

Senior Trinity Boaz recently went to on-the-job training with the Tyler Police Department. She was able to learn from the dispatchers and shadow them on how a 911 operator works.

“I love serving my community, and I have a drive to help people,” Boaz said.

The dispatcher training is an extension of the Tyler Cadets Program. 911 dispatchers work with police, fire fighters, and medical personnel during regional emergencies.

“I enjoy being able to bond and connect with new people every week we meet,” Boaz said. “This includes guest speakers like dispatchers, veterans, firefighters,college professors, and other officers.”

When Boaz was younger, she spent time at the court house. Through court she was able to see how some people cared and decided she wanted to do the same.

“When I was younger we had a really big family issue, and I was in court having to talk about personal things,” Boaz said. “It made me realize that people actually care [and] you can actually do something with your life for helping others.”

Boaz has been offered a job with dispatch starting in June. This is the first step in her goal of becoming a full police officer someday.

I wanna be able to help the community and be able to make a difference.”

— Boaz said