Careers in the bag

Speech students participate in class project


Photo by Neda Morrow

Speech teacher Beth Huse recently created a project for her students where they designed paper bags into something representative of what they want to be in the future. The project was a part of the class’s curriculum on the study of different careers.
“The idea actually comes from Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin, Texas,” Huse said. “You do an online application, and then you stop by their store and pick up a paper bag to decorate to bring back for the interview.”
Instead of doing this, students in her class made their paper bags representative of what career path they wanted to follow. Students spent a week researching these careers using the online web program Career Cruising.
“The students picked a career they thought they would want to prepare for throughout high school and college,” Huse said. “It gave them a reality check, because the web program is very extensive about what training you are going to have to do, what you are going to do on the job, the employment projection and so on.”
On top of helping the students delve into the careers they think they want to pursue, the project brought out the students’ interests and character traits.
“I decided to do my project on a military career, specifically infantry in the marines,” freshman Daniel Sosa said. “My paper bag was a soldier. I learned a lot about how much work goes into the job, and it helped me a lot.”