StuCo hosts blood drive

Lindale hosted the first Carter BloodCare blood drive of the year October 9. Student Council scheduled and assisted with the blood drive, which lasted from second period to seventh.
“Carter BloodCare has been to Lindale before,” Student Council sponsor Pamela Beck said. “They love coming here to Lindale to help benefit East Texas.”
Every time a student donates blood, it saves three lives. Carter Bloodcare comes three times a year to Lindale to collect blood from anyone who is willing to donate.
“So many people are willing to donate from Lindale,” Student Council member Hailey Walker said. “That’s why they love coming here.”
Lindale High School is the third leading high school that donates blood. During the drive, StuCo members helped by assisting the students who were waiting and called students from class to come for their scheduled time.
“We would hand pick them out of class so there would be less skipping,” Student Council Vice President Brittany Brown said. “It was just more structured that way.”
StuCo hopes to be able to host more than three drives a year. They believe it’s every bit worth the time that the drive takes up.
“There’s not much you can do at age 17,” Brown said. “But, knowing you saved three lives makes you feel better because you did something to help people.”