Homecoming Dance To Be Held Sept. 24

Christian Wynne, Assistant Editor

The Homecoming dance will be hosted Sept. 24 from 8-11 at the Mineola Civic Center. The theme for the dance is ‘Mamma Mia:Here We Go Again.’

“I love being a part of putting on these dances,” Star Stepper director Keri Pierce said. “Dances are such a fun part of high school and so many memories are made on these evenings. It is part of the high school experience.”

Tickets will be $20 at the dance or $15 with a pre-sale. Pre-sales will be held during lunch periods Sept. 21-23.

“The dances are always a fun opportunity to dress up, have fun, and connect with your friends,” senior Olivia Harwell said. “I am very sad that it is my final year, but I will make the best of it.”