Stepping Up

Freshmen Serve the Drill Team as Star Guards

Andrea Hernandez


photo courtesy of Scott Starkey

The starguards from left to right are Caleb Millican, Cameron Griffin, Chris Brown, Blake Philen, and Daxton Derfelt.

Charlotte McConathy, Managing Editor

He picks up an ice cold water bottle and passes it to his friend, sending yet another drink to the girls who are dancing in the bleachers. He then picks up a huge crate, filled to the brim with snacks, and walks up and down the rows, letting the girls pick out their favorite food. An hour later, freshman star guard Daxton Derfelt watches the Star Steppers perform from his spot down on the track, basking in the happiness that being a Star Guard with four of his best friends brings him.

The Star Guards this year are freshmen Blake Philen, Cameron Griffin, Daxton Derfelt, Caleb Millican, and Chris Brown. Their job is to transport ice chests, hand out snacks and drinks, and escort the girls around the stadium.

“The Star Stepper Star Guard’s are always willing to be a helping hand,” drill team assistant director Krista Mullican said. “These young men exemplify what Lindale ISD standards are all about.”

Griffin is the guard who escorts captain Kerrigan Pierce. He plays football for the freshmen team and he is in the bass fishing club. Derfelt escorts senior lieutenant Macy Beeler. He is on the Student Council and also plays basketball and baseball for the school. Beeler asked him to be her Star Guard during fish camp.

“Kerrigan and I have been friends for a while, and it’s her last year in high school, so I thought it would be cool to escort her,” Griffin said.”I really like it. I get to grow my relationships with the other star guards and form new relationships with the Star Steppers I didn’t know.”

Millican escorts lieutenant Rylee Schultz. He plays tennis, and agreed to become a guard after Mrs. Mullican asked him and his friends. Brown escorts lieutenant Kaylee Brousseau. He plays football, and has yet to decide if he will participate in track again this year.

I honestly joined the Star Guards so I’d have something to fill up my Friday nights,” Millican said. “It seemed like something fun to do. The free food I get every other Friday is just a bonus.”

Philen escorts lieutenant Charlotte McConathy. He is on the fishing team and hopes to play baseball this year. 

“I became a starguard with my friends because we all thought it sounded chill,” Philen said. “It has been pretty fun so far.”

The guards attend home games individually and travel to away games on the bus with the Star Steppers. They all wear matching shirts and stand by the drill team throughout the entire game. At the end of the year, they will perform a dance together at spring show.

“So far, this has been a really good opportunity that I am so glad I am a part of,” Derfelt said. “I’m excited to see what the rest of the year holds.”