Lindale ISD Receives ‘A’ Rating


Andrea Hernandez, Staff Writer

Lindale ISD has received an ‘A’ rating by the Texas Education Agency for the 2021-2022 school year. Schools are rated from ‘A’ to ‘F’ based on a variety of factors.

“There are very few high schools that get an ‘A’ rating because it’s hard to achieve,” high school principal Jeremy Chilek said. “Then for all our campuses in the district, all 6, to get an ‘A’ rating is exciting.”

There are several factors that are taken into consideration when a rating is being decided for high schools. Lindale High School has excelled in STAAR performance, relative performance, and graduation rates. For other campuses, STAAR scores are one of the main things that can affect their rating.

“They take into account how many of our students graduated and have a college or career readiness standard when they graduate,” Chilek said. “So if a student takes longer or they don’t graduate, the school district or the campus may get penalized for it.”

TEA frequently changes what qualifies a school to be an ‘A’ rated campus. Currently, STAAR performance, academic growth, military and college readiness, and graduation rates affect ratings.

“It’s all about showing improvement in those certain areas,” high school counselor Cambria Alford said. “Keeping up with our strong rigor is going to help show that improvement.”

The school district’s achievements are causing Lindale to grow in population. New houses are being built throughout the city, and many new students are attending the schools.

“Our student enrollment is a record this year with 270 new students added to Lindale ISD,” Chilek said. “Record enrollment is showing that people are realizing how good of a school district Lindale is.”