State Hall of Honor Picture Day Held Tuesday


Photo by Pixabay:

Students need to come to the lobby to get their pictures taken.

Marlee Sorrells, Editor-in-Chief

The state competitors, band, and senior superlative winners took their pictures on Tuesday during the school day. Yearbook sponsor Neda Morrow sent an email to let students know when they need to get their picture made.

“We love to support our students,” senior Val Adams said. “It is fun to include people through senior superlatives and their accomplishments in the yearbook.”

Band students will be bussed over to the stadium for their pictures. The state qualifiers will have their picture featured in the hallways. Senior superlative winners will have the picture in the yearbook.

“The halls are lined with some of the most successful students Lindale has had,” Adams said. “We are proud of them for what they do.”