Art Classes To Display Sculptures


Maddi Farmer, Staff Writer

The art class will be installing their Mark Jenkins-style tape projects Friday in the halls of the school. Artist use packing tape and plastic wrap to build sculptures that look like real people.

“All of the groups were encouraged to be creative with the posing of their sculptures,” art teacher Rebecca Harrison said. “Some of my favorites are the spiderman in a very dynamic pose and the person in a sitting position reading a book.”  

This project has been a student favorite for the last two years. It gives the students a chance to collaborate on an installation sculpture that benefits their comprehension of art skills.

“I’ve heard of this project from some of my friends, and I was really excited to do it,” freshman Brayden Wynne said. “It was a little weird at first having to be so close to the person you are putting tape on, but other than that, it is fun and I am curious to see the end results.”

When the projects are finished, students will take them home or donate them to the theater department or local businesses interested in displaying art.

“I can’t wait to see all the pieces finished and watch the students as they problem solve their way into a completed sculpture,” Harrison said.

This is the second year the art students have been assigned this project, but it’s the first year they have collaborated to create full bodies. 

I am proud of the work the students are doing,” Harrison said. “They are having a great time and learning a lot. I hope this will be a project they remember for the rest of their lives and the lessons they learn will benefit them in their futures.”