Girls Powerlifting State Meet

Charlotte McConathy, Managing Editor

The powerlifting team competed at their state competition in Corpus Christi over spring break. Seniors Zaniya Mumphrey and Brittany Chavez placed individually and the team placed 10th overall.

I felt like crying after state because it’s my last ride,” Mumphrey said. “But powerlifting has taught me a lot, like knowing that some days it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Besides competing, the girls also went to the beach and ate together before the meet.

Throughout my entire powerlifting career, I learned to always be confident and never doubt myself,” Chavez said. “I am very upset about it coming to an end but I am very happy about the way it ended.”

Four seniors placed in their weight class. Chavez placed 2nd, Mumphrey placed 5th, Taylar Ragland placed 7th, and Jakaya Cooper placed 14th.

I feel very good about how I did at state,” Chavez said. “I feel like it was a great ending to my last powerlifting season.”

Two juniors also placed in their weight class. Gabby Cabrera placed 8th and Whitleigh Hayes placed 12th.

“I learned if you work hard at what you are good at and what you love you can do anything,” Cabrera said. “I feel ok because I have one more year to compete, but I feel sad as well because I will miss all the people who are graduating and going away.”