New Courses for the 2022-2023 School Year


Photo By Andrew Velarde

Sophomore Charlotte McConathy picks her classes for her junior year.

Andrew Velarde, Managing Editor of Videography and Photography

A total of 10 new classes will be available for students to take next year. Course selections are due in March with no changes after June.

“I am very excited about the multiple new classes open for students to participate in next year,” counselor David Ramsey said. “This is a promising selection that will help students grow and develop while in high school.”

While classes are subject to change if not enough students sign up, the new courses are internships in business management, American Sign Language (ASL) 3, pathophysiology, graphic design and illustration 2, Tyler Junior College dual credit biology 1406/1407, AP psychology, dance 1, robotics 2, engineering design and problem solving 2, and advanced plant and soil science.

“After looking at all the new classes, it is cool to think about all our school has to offer,” junior Lauren Van Andel said. “I am looking forward to my senior year and the classes that I will be taking.”

Next year, the senior  earth and space science class will no longer be available. While none of these new classes are required for graduation, they can help complete some endorsements.

“As a freshman I am excited about the opportunity to take different classes in the coming years,” freshman Irelynn McWithey said. “I am looking forward to trying new things and branching out.”

Students can access their course list by going to the career cruising website. The website also has the new course description and prerequisites.

“Having the opportunity to choose from multiple different electives and core classes makes high school a better experience,” sophomore Nichole Hines said. “With new classes it helps me focus on what I want to do after high school.”