Hollywood Queens

Coronation 2022 Hits the Red Carpet on Saturday

2022 Lindale High School Queen Nominees

Christian Wynne

Henrique Arantes and Christian Wynne

 Their dresses glimmer as the light shines and their smiles light up the whole room. The whole crowd applauds them as they get settled, and tensions rise while the new queen waits to be called. Every year, these are the daydreams of many senior girls who hope to one day wear the Coronation crown.

The crowning of the 2022 Coronation queen and the presentation of duchesses will take place  Saturday at the PAC.  Seniors Madison Plunkett, Libbi Rozell, Landrie Hay, and Brooklyn Gilleland were chosen by each grade level to represent them at the ceremony, and one senior will be named queen. The overall theme for is “Hooray for Hollywood.”

“I think Coronation is a great way to celebrate all of our school’s organizations,” junior Savannah Warrington said. “I can’t wait to see all of the duchesses and escorts dressed up to represent their organizations.”

Hay is nominated as the Freshman Queen Nominee. She takes part in the National Honors Society, Varsity Cheer, and she is the Student Council Co-President. Outside of school, she is part of  Grace Student Ministry where she is involved in the Catalyst program and is a leader on Wednesday nights.

“I was surprised and just felt so honored that our school chose me to be one of the four nominees,” Hay said. “I am excited to see everybody all dressed up and feeling like a princess. I love all of the girls that are nominated along with me, so I’m very excited to see who wins.”

The Sophomore Queen Nominee, Gilleland, takes part in Future Farmers of America, varsity tennis, Key club, and Fellowship of  Christian Athletes. Outside of school, she is a member of the Cross Brand Cowboy Church, and she is also a member of Smith County 4-H.

“I was sitting in English and I was just really surprised when they said my name on the intercom,” Gilleland said. “The thing I’m most excited for is being able to be on stage with other girls, and  just representing our school as one of the top four girls.”

Rozell is the Junior Queen Nominee, and she is involved in softball, track, job shadowing at Trinity Mother Frances, and she plays select softball for Sneaky Cleats Elite 18 U. In her free time, she  enjoys spending time with her friends.

“I was super excited to wear a big dress and walk out on stage with everybody,” Rozell said. “I think I am mostly looking forward to having fun with my friends and then being able to experience the atmosphere.”

Plunkett is the Senior Queen Nominee, and she is a member of the basketball team. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, fishing, and spending time outdoors.

“I was really excited,” Plunkett said. “I am mostly looking forward to just doing this with all of my friends [and siblings].”

As for the duchesses, the Freshman Class Duchess is Kenny Miller, Sophomore Class Duchess is Avery Adams, Junior Class Duchess is Brooke Tweedell, and Senior Class Duchess is Emma Grotemat.

“My reaction was definitely shocked,” Tweedell said. “[I am] excited that I was selected to represent my class in a positive way.

Each organization on campus also chose a duchess and escort to represent their programs.

Art – Val Adams and Nate Fitzgerald
Band – Cassandra Hartman and Austin Taylor
Boys’ Basketball – Laniya Daniels and Connor McClendon
Boys’ Soccer – Bre Biggar and Diego Nivoloni
Cheerleading – Paige Frazier and Isaac Pollard
Choir – Halle Lambert and Houston Summer
Cross Country – Nataly Tapia and Jeffrey Chang
Drill Team – Chloe Smith and Evan Alford
Eagle Eye News – Marlee Sorrells and Andrew Velarde
FCA – Ellie Watkins and Ryan French
Film and Print Media – Jesika Miller and Christopher Tate
FFA – Alexandra Keels and Caleb Riches
Football – Maddie Villarreal and Casey Poe
Girls’ Basketball – Maggie Spearman and Colton Widemon
Girls’ Soccer – Emma Bosworth and Christian Flores
Golf – Julee King and Bryce Covington
International Thespian – Elsabeth Schwind and Tyler Chamberlain
Majorettes – Juliana McKinney and Bowen Adams
National Honors Society – Taylar Ragland and Rylen Calverly
Principles of Education – McKinleigh Evans and Kayden McClenny
Key Club – Victoria Mayorga and Crew Goodson
Powerlifting – Zaniya Mumphrey and Omarr Webber
Softball – Darby Woodrum and Will Hutchens
Speech and Debate – Antonia Calin and Cody Peters
Student Council – Addison Smith and Brady Bethany
Student Trainers – Stormie Shapley and Izac Perez
Tennis – Callie Little and Aaron Roden
Track – Preslie Walters and Mekhi Harley
Volleyball – Brenley Philen and Brian Shine
Yearbook and Visual Media – Lian Boone and Ethan Johnson