Winter Brings Success to Girls Sports [Player Spotlights]

Marlee Sorrells and Jaxson Buttram


These are the students featured in the story. From left to right: Hadlee Scott, Jesika Miller,Zaniya Mumphrey, Preslie Walters, Brooke Everest. Collage made by Jaxson Buttram.

Jaxson Buttram, Staff Writer

She sprints down the field, juggling the soccer ball as sweat shimmers on her forehead. As she sees the goal getting closer and closer, she takes a deep breath and kicks the ball as hard as she can. Time stands still as she watches the black and white ball arc beautifully and land right in the middle of the goal. Sophomore Hadlee Scott cheers and high fives her teammates before getting ready for the next play.

The Lady Eagles sports team have exhibited their skills this semester, with some even leading to bi-district playoffs [basketball] and to state [powerlifting.] 

“I love to watch all of our students compete, but I always enjoy the high level at which our girls teams compete,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “They are so driven and work so well as a team, and I’m very proud of each of their efforts.”

Scott has been playing soccer since she was four years old. She made varsity as a freshman and plans on playing throughout the rest of her high school career. She was inspired to play soccer by her family. Her brothers both played soccer and her dad used to be a soccer coach.

“Soccer is one of my first loves I have ever known,” Scott said. “It has taught me a lot of valuable life lessons like how to be a good teammate, how to face adversity, and how to always keep going.”

The soccer teams have been practicing and playing games since the end of November. Varsity began competing in district games Jan. 25.

Hadlee has really raised her game to another level in her sophomore year,” girl’s soccer coach Cody Bray said. “Hadlee’s hard working and positive attitude is contagious among her teammates.”

Senior Jesika Miller plays third baseman on the varsity softball team. She hopes to redshirt at Sam Houston State University.   She started playing softball when she was young because her older sister played it and she began to fall in love with the sport.

“I love that I can be super competitive, not only with my teammates during practice but also during games against other teams,” Miller said. “I also really like the team aspect of it. I’ve made a bunch of friends because of softball, and playing sports with other people makes it fun.”

Junior Brooke Everest plays guard on the District Champion Lady Eagles Basketball team. She was recently named Co-Defensive Player of the Year.

“[Basketball] has taught me responsibility, respect, and teamwork and how to make relationships outside of just school,” Everest said. “I love to make friends and go to compete and have fun.”

Everest has 103 assists, 207 deflections, 112 steals, and 10 charges on the year. The team has a district record of 11-1 and a season record of 20-11.

“Brooke is an amazing basketball player for us, she’s grown a lot with her three years on varsity,” girl’s basketball coach Daniel Devisscher said. “She’s an amazing lockdown defender, but she’s much more than just a defender, she plays both sides of the ball. She’s a true leader on our team both on and off the court the way that she helped bring the girls together. She is a vital part of our team.”

Preslie Walters is a pole vaulter for the track and field team. Walters has competed in pole vault for six years.   Walters’s greatest inspirations have been her coaches, Coach Howell and Coach Cunningham.

“My favorite thing about pole vaulting is when you clear a bar and everyone starts cheering,” Walters said. “Everybody is super supportive and it’s a very supportive environment.”

Senior Zaniya Mumphrey competes with the girl’s powerlifting team and is going to the state powerlifting competition. She is the regional champion of her weight class. Mumphrey’s sister inspired her to compete in powerlifting.

“I do powerlifting because it is a good sport for my physical and mental health,” Mumphrey said. “I love seeing people building their confidence up in the weight room.  That’s my favorite part.”