Freshmen attend orientation for the new year [slideshow]

The newest members of LHS walked the halls for the first time Tuesday as they participated in the 2014 Fish Camp.

“Fish Camp is an orientation for freshmen to help them make a smooth transition to the high school,” counselor Teri Hodges said. “It allows us the opportunity to fill them in on the procedures of the school and to help them find their way around our campus.”

Freshmen students first went to the PAC to pick up their schedules before the LHS principals and counselors spoke to them about expectations and policies.

“Fish camp is important because it helps people know where they are going,” junior Abbey Giles said. “It gives them more confidence on the first day of school.”

Tour guides made up of current student leaders escorted the incoming freshman around the school, and a variety of school organizations and clubs set up booths in the cafeteria with information regarding extra-curricular activities.

“I am excited to meet new people and try new things and have fun in classes that are probably going to be challenging,” incoming freshman Adrienne Parks said.