Students Start T-Shirt Labeling Business


Photo Courtesy of LBLS Fashion

Juniors Bowman Grace and Braden Lockhart pose wearing t-shirts they created.

Andrew Velarde, Managing Editor of Videography and Photography

Juniors Bowman Grace and Braden Lockhart created a t-shirt labeling business earlier this semester. They label different shirts with a picture and then put the name of the picture below it.

“I am really excited to get my business started and get it off the ground,” Lockhart said. “We are about to start ramping up production and we are excited to improve the business.”

The company’s name is LBLS Fashion and their tag line is “We label.”  The students are involved in the whole process from design to advertising and the only thing that they do not do is the printing.

“Money inspired me to pursue entrepreneurship,” Grace said. “We plan to continue cornering the market.”

At the moment they have five different designs: a cactus, cup, door, oven, and pipe wrench t-shirts. The shirts can be bought at their website and at the moment their cost ranges from $17-25. 

“No one thing in particular led us to entrepreneurship,”Lockhart said. “We liked our idea and thought it could grow into a successful business. I think it’s nice that everyone has a different favorite shirt, it really shows the diversity and flexibility of our products.”

LBLS plans to release different products such as holiday themed shirts in December.

“We plan to expand our product line and introduce seasonal shirts,” Lockhart said. “Getting the word out, advertisement can be expensive and opens the door to criticism, but it is a necessary step in running a successful business.”