Back For More Touchdowns


Photo by Olivia Harwell

Henrique Arantes, Assistant Sports Officer in Training

Lindale football team recovers from in-season injuries in time for the Homecoming game on Oct. 15 with some team players still on hold. The trainers are working to get athletes back to playing.

“Our trainers are doing an excellent job of getting our guys back,” head football coach Chris Cochran said. “They do it in a way that they are not gonna push back too early. They are going to make sure that our guys are healthy before they get back on the field.”

Sophomore Patrick Daniels and junior Levi Thorton got injured in the last game against Henderson, and sophomore Nashad Lee tore his acromioclavicular (AC) joint, but he is already back to the field.

“At first I didn’t feel anything because it happened so fast, but for a little while it just felt a little bit painful and nerve wracking,” Lee said. “But I’m already back playing and that’s all that matters.”

Even with the many injuries, the athletes are able to recover fairly quickly. Other players like seniors Cody Swain, Judson Long, Jacob Seekford, and Kasey Villarreal are examples of fast recoveries.

“At this point in the year, everyone is hurt,” Cochran said. “Everyone is banged up, and I’m not talking about just Lindale. I mean everyone we play. It’s all about who can get back the quickest, and who has the best training staff, which I think we do.”