New AP Science Classes for Sophomores


Kylie Hester, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The science department has recently given sophomores the opportunity to take AP biology. The class was originally a junior and senior only class.

          “Biology is taken as a freshman course and by the time students are juniors and seniors they have forgotten a lot of the material,” chemistry and biology teacher Katy Lyles said. “Our thinking is to allow students to take AP biology while it is still fresh.”

          AP biology is the only AP science class being offered to sophomores so far. There are only five sophomores enrolled in the class this year.

          “This is only for students who are extremely motivated and have very high grades in honors biology,” Lyles said. “We have so many AP science offerings that we want to allow strong students to take as many of them as they can.”

          The students who take the class will also be required to take honors chemistry in the same year. Those who don’t take AP biology have the options of honors and normal chemistry.

          “Going into this year, I knew taking two difficult science classes at the same time would be challenging, but I know Mrs. Lyles will help make this year as easy as possible,” sophomore Charlotte McConnathy said. “I’m just glad my friends and I can be a part of this new program at LHS while finding new ways to challenge ourselves at the same time.”