Local Churches Welcome New Teachers

New teachers attend a meeting at the First Baptist Church.

The First Methodist Church and First Baptist Church welcomed new teachers into the district on Tuesday. The churches hosted a breakfast and lunch for them and the administration.

“I’m always excited about new teachers and staff,” principal Jeremy Chilek said. “They’re also excited to be here and we’re excited to have them with us.”

While at these events, the teachers were introduced to each other and were shown community support by local volunteers. Teachers then followed up with new teacher trainings at their respective campuses.

“The two events have galvanized [my perspective],” agricultural department chair Dylan Bacon said. “I knew Lindale had super high standards and I was blessed to be a product of this district [as an alum]. I know what they expect, but having heard it from other people in this training, it’s like everyone is on the same page and we’re ready to go.”