Art Class Creates 3D Sculptures

The art installation outside of Mrs. Harrison’s room. There is another display outside of Mrs. McKenzie’s room.

Conner Belcher, Staff Writer

     Students of the art class are designing and creating sculptures for the 3D art unit. Students will make a mixed media sculpture and another installment that can be seen in the hallways near the art classrooms.

     “Students are combining multiple sculpture-making techniques,” art teacher Rebecca Harrison said. “They will use inspiration from artists to create a single sculpture that emphasizes the Principle of Design Movement.”

     The media sculptures are based off of studies from Jean-Michelle Glabik. Students make them composed of two sections that fit together to make the sculpture 3D. 

     “They planned out how they would create a wire and nylon sculpture,” Art Teacher Kari McKenzie said. “Then anchored it to a round wooden base to accent the figure, and the action it is implying. The nylon is then sized or hardened by painting it with acrylic paint.”

     After the Glabik sculptures were complete, students began to create the installation pieces out of clear tape using the other student’s body as a base. 

     “I have loved this project,” McKenzie said. “It has been a creative way to marry two forms of sculpture and teach our students about the artists who inspired the projects.”