Seniors Earn Scholarships at TMSCA State Meet



Seniors Braden Heizer, Ferris Turney and Andre Samaraweera earn scholarships at the TMSCA meet. They placed top six in the Top Gun category.

Kylie Hester, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Seniors Ferris Turney, Andre Samaraweera, and Braden Heizer placed in the top six for the Top Gun category at the TMSCA State meet and earned scholarships. Turney placed second, Samaraweera fifth and Heizer sixth. 

“They’re a great team,” science UIL sponsor Duane Walton said. “They did a great job this year. They’re really smart; they learn fast, and they work hard.”

In addition to placing in the Top Gun category, Turney also placed first in chemistry, Heizer second in chemistry, and Samaraweera fourth in chemistry and fifth in physics. In the physics portion of the science test Ferris and Braden finished second and third respectively.

I am happy that I placed 5th,” Samaraweera said. “It’s very gratifying, but I would have liked to be in the top three.”

The boys have taken all four AP science classes. In order to achieve such high accomplishments, they have also spent hours with Walton and science teacher Katy Lyles going over old tests and studying.

UIL is my motivation to learn,” Heizer said. “It gives practice and application for concepts I learn in class. It helps me remember ways to work problems.”

The combined math and science teams finished third in the state. The Science team finished second in the state, missing first place by just two points. 

“It feels great to see that all of my time and effort spent on practicing for science has finally paid off,” Turney said. “Now I know that if I keep working I could place the same or better at the UIL state competition.”