Med Term Class Dissects Animal Hearts


Kylie Hester

A student works on the heart. The heart they are handling belongs to a pig.

Kylie Hester, Staff Writer

Sally Clemmons’ TJC Medical Terminology class dissected different animal hearts and practiced suturing on Monday. The dissection was the ending of their unit on the cardiovascular system

“We are just able to see the different chambers, valves, and the route of blood through the heart,” Clemmons said. “It’s just a good visual for them to see it on a real heart instead of just a diagram.”

The hearts are supplied from students who hunted during spring break. The hearts were given to the health science department and frozen in order to be dissected.

“I find it to be very interesting because deer and pig hearts are very similar to human hearts,” Clemmons said. “It’s just a really fun, hands-on lab.”

Along with the heart dissections, the students also utilized fake skin models in order to  practice suturing or stitching.

“I really like this unit because I think the heart and all this stuff is really cool,”  junior Bailee Dewolfe said. “I also like the suturing because it feels like real skin and muscle so it gives a good visual to it.”