NHS Welcomes New Inductees

New members recite the NHS pledge and officially swear in.

Conner Belcher, Staff Writer

     The Nation Honors Society held their annual induction ceremony for new members that met the requirements on March 3. Invitation is the only way to be accepted into the organization and take part in the induction.

      “We welcomed mostly sophomores with a few juniors and seniors,” NHS sponsor, Sally Clemmons said. “NHS is a great organization to show academics and service to college admissions and scholarships, wear a NHS stole at graduation, and it is also a lot of fun.”

     Students who have a 98.1 GPA or above and are cleared for discipline and attendance will be officially accepted into the program during the ceremony. A total of 122 new students joined the organization.

     “The National Honor Society is a student-led organization,” Clemmons said. “The NHS is guided by the elected officers from each year. There is a sponsor and advisory council, but the officers make many decisions, organize service opportunities, deposit funds, and conduct the Induction Ceremony.  It is a great opportunity to expand leadership skills and serve our community and school.”

     The NHS program at Lindale is run and facilitated by the students holding positions such as President, Vice President, secretary, parliamentarian, public relations, and treasurer. Once a student is inducted they may apply to be an officer in the future. 

     “I was inducted into the National Honor Society my sophomore year,” NHS President, Rebekah Beard said. “Now my role in the NHS induction is to run the ceremony. I collaborate with the other officers and our sponsor to have a successful ceremony that incorporates speeches, entertainment, and refreshments.”

     Officers are in charge of inducting and introducing the new members to the responsibilities and expectations of the NHS. Each year parents and students gather to watch and celebrate the inductees.

     “I was inducted in 2019 when I was a sophomore,” NHS Vice President, Jacey King said. “My job at the induction is to speak a little about what it means to be a member of the NHS and the character traits that we value. I also was the one to announce the names of the upperclassmen inductees.”

     The sponsor oversees the entire operation and sends out information as well as keeping the organization going after seniors graduate. Students are expected to dress appropriately for the events and are allowed to invite family and friends to attend.

     “The four pillars of the NHS are scholarship, leadership, character, and service,” Clemmons said. “I love being the sponsor and getting to know students that I don’t have in class and seeing them achieve these traits. Officer applications will go out in April for the 2021-2022 school year as well.”