Lady Eagles Basketball Team Fundraises for Equipment


Andrew Velarde, Managing Editor of Videography and Photography

    The Girls Basketball team started a calendar style fundraiser on January 4. Each student receives a calendar and takes it around the community with the goal of earning money for more equipment and uniforms for the team.

     “My favorite part of this event is how it is a very efficient way to collect the money that goes to the booster club to help the girls,” teacher Kindi Hutchens said. “It’s also kind of fun and helps bring exposure to the Lady Eagles Basketball team.”

     This calendar style fundraiser is where the students go around getting different people to pledge for different days. For example, if they pledge for January 20 they would then donate $20 and once they fill the calendar it leaves them with a total of $496.

     “We did one similar last year where we used an actual company and we liked to gather together and we texted people for donations, “Hutchens said. “With covid we tried to do things that would promote social distancing so we had to get creative with our fundraising because we fundraise every year.”

     A lot of the money for the fundraiser also goes to meals for the students when they go out of town. Other purchases will include basketball uniforms, practice uniforms and anything else that the coach needs.

     “The booster club is one of the biggest supporters of the team consisting of parents or just big fans and are usually the biggest help in organizing fundraisers,” Hutchens said. “Their role is to help find ways to raise money, how best to support the program and help the coach with whatever they need.”

     All three teams of the Lady Eagles Basketball team will participate in the fundraiser that include the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity. The calendar fundraiser will end at the end of January.

     “Due to COVID-19 pandemic the Lindale Lady Eagle Basketball Program is being creative with fundraising by creating online donations. Please consider donating to support us during our season,”  head coach Daniel Devisscher said. “You can play a big part in contributing with monetary donations.  Each player needs your help filling up a calendar.” 

Can’t find a basketball girl?  You can email Coach D at [email protected]